Translation of Official Documents in French

Translation Services Free for Certain Clients

The Stevens translate official (and other) French documents to English.

For pro bono attorneys volunteering to represent persons applying for asylum, convention against torture, and withholding of removal cases, there is no fee. Please see the heading “Terms” below for more details.

The Translators

Joanna Beujekian-Steven was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, and raised in Paris. She holds a degree in law (DEUG) from Paris Descartes University. Matthew Steven is a French-speaking American who has completed the coursework requirements for a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, scheduled to be conferred in January 2018. He has achieved

The Translation Process

Documents are initially translated by either Joanna and Matthew, reviewed by the other, and signed off on by both. The translated document will include a double affirmation of accuracy, and if necessary, a short translator’s note to explain any nuance that might otherwise be lost by the direct translation.

Terms (For Free Translations)

Translations are professionally crafted, include a standard signed affirmation of accuracy, and will generally be accepted by courts as-is. The full terms are supplied in response to the translation request, but in a nutshell they ask the attorney and client to proactively (and if necessary, reactively) mitigate any potential adverse consequence which would make it more difficult for the Stevens to continue providing this service free of charge.

I Need A Document Translated

Please complete this short form to begin the process. The Stevens’ ability to field emergency requests is limited, but you may contact Matthew (preferably via the Signal App) at 503-380-1724 during business hours Pacific Time.

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