Cirriculum Vitae

Matthew Steven’s Career

My first job was a paper route, and over the nineties I must have worked virtually every low-wage job available to a young man in the Midwest from restaurant cook to telemarketing management. I didn’t like nearly all of it much.

Fortunately I’ve had a better run of luck in recent decades, working my mind instead of my back, for which I’m usually grateful.

I learned how to program computers early on in life, and that skill saved my bacon when the Internet became commercialized in 1995, a time when I had no serious prospects. I learned about cybersecurity and all the underlying protocols and processes that power the networked world.

Realizing the power of all of that to change everything about the way we interact with one another, I turned my attention to the human codeā€”the law.

Therein lies the future. Dystopia or utopia?

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