Matthew Steven

Awful Cheesy Law Firm Type Photo

Glad you could stop by the old vanity farm.

If you’re here to find out about me, I like novelty, paradox, and terrible, terrible puns. I also don’t take myself overly seriously, knowing myself as I do. That’s probably all you really need to know, but I’ll keep going.

So I’m a lawyer now. I used to: build online businesses, tell people how to make their businesses work better, web genius, battle hackers, build complicated systems that talk to other systems and on and on and wow can I go on about terribly boring things. So you may know me from those days. Somehow my brain still has all that stuff in it, I’ve just opted to start showing up in courtrooms all the time. I feel useful there. It gets me out of the house.

Feel free to creep about. I’m not really keeping this place up to date. My LinkedIn might be a better bet.

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